Museum Hôtel d'Agar, Cavaillon

Listed as a historical monument, this stately home, adorned with an outstanding garden and Roman temple, is located at the heart of the ancient city of Cavaillon and hosts exhibitions all year around. It is a real cabinet of curiosities in its unique combination of ancient art with contemporary; on display are prehistoric objects, archaeological excavations from antiquity and the Middle Ages, Renaissance paintings, sculptures, photographs, and installations. At the same time, visitors can also discover Renaissance-era roofs, a 15th-century Gothic tower with gargoyles, the oldest Grecian statue discovered in Provence (550 BC, discovered on St Jacques' Hill), the oldest pharmacy equipment in France and a reliquary bust of Pope Urban V. Archaeological excavations have determined that the garden is 2000 years old - probably the oldest in France. This stately home transports visitors across a thousand years of history as they wander within its walls.

In this house and through this thousand-year journey, visitors are invited to escape and wander, letting their feelings inspire them.

58 Rue Liffran
84300 Cavaillon

+33 624 17 20 13

Visit of the Museum, Hôtel d'Agar, Cavaillon

This vast residence represents a summary of the history of the city, from the Gallo-Roman city to the agglomeration of the 21st century. With its remarkable garden and Roman temple, in the heart of the ancient city, this mansion is a real Cabinet of Curiosity, mixing ancient and contemporary art.

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From Tuesday to Saturday.

Closed in February.

Guided tours can only be booked online.

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