Fortress of Saint André, Villeneuve lez Avignonneuve lez Avignon

A XIV th century fortress , it is a testimony to military architecture that offers an exceptional panorama of the region. At the top of the Mond Andaon, a rocky outcrop rising up 50 meters above the floodplain of the Rhône, the Fort Saint André was commanded by King Philip the Fair and built by John the Good at the XIV th century. This 750 metres long fortification built to potect the Saint André Abbay and the bourg wich allowed the king of France to assert the power in the country. Just a few kilometres from Avignon, this masterpiece of military architetcure offers panoramic views of Mont ventoux, the Alpilles and the Luberon.


Rue Montée du Fort
30400 Villeneuve lez Avignon

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From Avignon, on the other side of the Rhône and from even farther away, you can clearly see the fort standing proudly. But it is only once you are there  that you can fully appreciate  the strategic position of this fort dominating the Rhône valley. From the top of its parapet walk, you can observe the Popes 's Palace across the way, the Philippe IV le Bel tower, the saint André abbey encompassed within the fort's defensive  walls, the chartreuse's monastery in the village below and the entire surroundings countryside. 

You can walk among the vestiges of the old medieval village and the chapel, visit the fort's buildings and rooms that have remained intact and learn about the aspects of military life from the Middle Ages up to the french revolution.

Visit of the Fortress of Saint andré

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Visit of the Fortress of Saint andré

Notes sur un oreiller blanc, une exposition de Susanna Lehtinen

From date 25 September to date 31 October 2021

« Notes sur un oreiller blanc » est une invitation à la poésie. Tout en légèreté, les oeuvres de Susanna Lehtinen sont épurées pour ne traduire que l’essentiel. Elles s’invitent en toute discrétion et en parfaite harmonie, dans le Fort Saint-André autour de deux séries : « Quantus firmus » et « Eidôlon ».
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Fort Saint André
30400 Villeneuve lez Avignon

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Le fort au siècle dernier – mémoires de Villeneuvois.

From date 12 November 2021 to date 31 January 2022

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Fort Saint André
30400 Villeneuve lez Avignon

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