Palace of the Popes

Do you really know the Palace of the Popes in Avignon? Did you know that it is the biggest Gothic palace in the world! That it was built in less than 70 years by the Popes, and that today there are 25 rooms open to your visit? That it also served as a military barracks, and is used as a theatrical stage, a cultural setting for prestigious exhibitions?


Place du palais
84000 Avignon

+33 432 74 32 74

The visitor can see over 20 rooms, scenes of historic events, in particular the pope’s private chambers and the frescoes painted by the Italian artist Matteo Giovannetti. The Popes’ Palace also offers the visitor continuous cultural activities throughout the year.

- In July and August : every day from 9am - 6pm
 - From September 1st : 9am to 5 pm
-You need to choose the date of your visit and your access hour by contacting the Avignon Tourist Office / Booking department +33(0)432743274. All visitors will be required to book a time slot to visit the museum, including the Avignon City Pass and the Vaucluse Provence Pass
-The  Histopad is included in the price
-The Popes' Palace is open every day of the year.
-For sanitary and safety reasons, visitors will be required to wear a mask
-Tickets valid for the selected date only

<b> Rates </b> 
Full price 12 euros. VISIT INCLUDED IN THE PASS

Chaque visiteur muni d'un Avignon City Pass ou d'un Vaucluse Provence Pass devra obligatoirement contacter l'Office de tourisme d' Avignon  au +33(0)4 32 74 32 74 afin de réserver sa visite du Palais des Papes en choisissant son créneau horaireSeule la réservation garantit l'accès dans le monument, sur enregistrement du nom, du prénom et du N° de série indiqué sur le Pass. 

Toute les jours de l'année

HORAIRES D'OUVERTURE: A partir de Septembre: De 10H à 17H
  BON A SAVOIR : -Nos amis les animaux ne sont pas autorisés lors de la visite  - Le Palais des Papes est ouvert tous les jours, toute l'année.
- Lors des journées du patrimoine : entrée libre sous réserve de disponibilité
Thematic of the place

Avignon City Pass, Musuems and monuments, Vaucluse Provence Pass

Public price
Plein : €12.00
Price with the pass
Plein : Free